Exhibition Hall

The São Miguel Exhibition Hall is located in Ribeira Grande and it has access facilities, as well as certain features which enable the making different events there, as for example, indoors and outdoors parking lot, toilets, access to the restaurant, bar and bar terrace, ATM, a bank (Caixa de Crédito Agrícola) and also free wifi within the building.

It is the largest exhibition area of this kind in the Azores, with an exhibition area of 100x40m (4000m²), and a wood structure roof, it is a pioneer implementating specific laws for wood structures in our country. 

It is basically made by a wide area for exhibition, complemented by two other areas which have in it the exhibitions support rooms, storage rooms, training rooms, administration rooms and technical areas.

With unique conditions to make events, the São Miguel Exhibition Hall is a privileged place with unique versatile characteristics, and with the ability to have wide range of different events as concerts, fairs, congresses, conferences, exhibitions, weddings and other kinds of events.

When displaying a show stage, its maximum capacity is 8000 people standing, but the number of sitting people depends on the kind of event and the chairs display.

There are also removable stalls for 700 sitting people.

Besides promoting events in central pavilion, it is also possible to rent large tents in case you need a more comfortable and private environment.

The building is sided by a full lenght exterior terrace which allows the creation of specific support areas to any event as esplanades outdoor kitchens or even smoking areas.

The pavilion includes a training classroom with facilities for conferences, meetings and training courses.
Besides the 87,78m² room, we also provide media equipment, personal computer, projector, wifi, air conditioning and whenever necessary, we may provide catering facilities, according to a previously established negotiation.


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